Duh Bo$s, Hegemonic Creep, 2012-

I Hear Ya, archival inkjet print and video still of hand-formed brass ear trumpet and cast and hammered bronze whoopee cushions,

28 x 13 in., 71.12 x 33.02 cm

Straining to hear foes' tones?

Their pitches need to register with the proper frequency in order to be heard.

This amplification aid allows you to hear what you want to hear, when you want to hear it.

Meet Duh Bo$s

Who is Duh Bo$s, you say?

He is a true believer. He believes. His believing in beliefs is right.

Duh Bo$s is a mover, a shaker.
So much more than a technicolor tramp, Duh Bo$s embodies the very best.

Round of Applause, Prototype #1

Seeking a self-congratulatory high is paramount today, but do you lack any mechanism for connection? The self-driven Round of Applause, (patent pending), high-fives at a rapid rate. Two thumbs up!

Duh Bo$s, archival inkjet print,

24 x 23 in., 60.96 x 58.42 cm

Ears Will Be Burning, archival inkjet print,

23" x 24", 58.42 x 60.96 cm

Saccharine, archival inkjet print,

24"x 23", 58.42 x 60.96 cm