I am a consumer and synthesizer of propaganda both domestic and global.

I am interested in the cyclical nature of political rhetoric. I have embraced the whoopee cushion, an American novelty toy, as the supreme representative of our modern political leaders. Overly inflated and full of hot air, this windbag emits disgusting sounds to our delight. We return to reinflate again and again, complicit in the act, we are both participant and audience member.

Duh Bo$s is brazen. He loves and must protect dear America. He is beholden to none. He holds all others in contempt, until proven otherwise. Or used otherwise. For the other is not his concern, but a means to an end.

In these works I am not just a consumer and translator of propaganda, but a complicit maker of propaganda.

Fadenrecht works in sculpture, video, animation and photography. She is a Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).